where children are the #1 priority

About Us

Centenary Nannies was founded in 2007, to serve the families of Brisbane in response to a need in the market for professional child care workers, whom have exceptional knowledge and a genuine desire to work with children.

In 2012 Centenary Nannies saw the need to expand and help the families on the Gold Coast. With head office in Brisbane we are now working to ensure families find that ‘right’ carer and nannies are finding that ‘right’ job!

We have now gone global and placing wonderful Australian nannies overseas with high profile families.

kristyKristy Aitken is the Founder and Director of Centenary Nannies. She has worked in child care centres and as a Nanny throughout Brisbane for over eight years. From this, she has realised there is a gap in the market, as a result has established Centenary Nannies in an effort to help the families of Brisbane. She also has her certificate 3, which has been recognised by two reputable Colleges. Kristy now hopes to utilize her experiences in child care, with the specific purpose of helping families in Brisbane, to find the right Nanny to suit their needs.

Kristy is now a mother herself as she gave birth to her first child Ava in April 2008 and had her second baby, Sophie, in April 2011. Now that Kristy is a mother herself, she can certainly understand families needing home help and acknowledges the reasons families need professional nannies.

Mission Statement:

Children are the number one priority to the Nannies at Centenary Nannies. Our children are precious and therefore need to be provided with the highest quality of care available, which the Nannies and Babysitters from Centenary Nannies will provide.

Our Objectives:

  • To serve the families of Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. To recruit only the most professional and dedicated Nannies, Babysitters and Cleaners.
  • To encourage all feedback from Nannies, Babysitters, Housekeepers, Tutors and Families. All feedback is welcome whether it be positive or criticism.
  • To improve work conditions for Nannies, Babysitters and Housekeepers where possible.
  • To maintain a high level of effectiveness and efficiency for everyone involved with Centenary Nannies.
  • Ensure all measures are put into practice to ensure confidentiality.
  • To keep costs as low as possible for clients.
  • To ensure all Nannies, Babysitters and Tutors are being paid appropriately.

    Sophie Aitken, 12 months old (April 2012)