where children are the #1 priority


Nanny Needed Fridays Only

We are seeking a very friendly experienced nanny to work Friday each week in Indooroopilly from 8am to 6pm.

The family consists of a little girl who is 4 and will be attending school next year and a little boy of 12 months of age plus their 2 laid back and friendly pussy cats.

The family are seeking an extremely caring and nurturing nanny who genuinely loves children and watching them learn and grow. You will be a very valued member of the family whom the parents are entrusting their children with.

The little girl loves to be creative by working with arts and crafts, painting, puzzles and messy play. She loves story time and reading and enjoys drama and role playing. Anywhere big sister is you know baby brother is following! He loves to be around her watching and laughing. He enjoys playing with balls and being outside therefore they encourage a walk to the park and trips to the library.

The family are extremely open to the nanny’s experience, qualifications and age. It’s more about the person and the nanny fitting with the family and their values around the kids.

The family prefers a hands on active nanny who is going to engage with kids and grow with them. Your number one role with the family is the care and safety of their children. You will need to ensure their food is prepared and offered throughout the day and keeping their play areas clean and tidy.

The family can offer their vehicle for use during working hours OR you may prefer to utilize your own however you need to be able to have 2 car seats in your car and have safe and reliable car.

On occasion Dad may work from home so you need to feel comfortable with him around the days he works from home.

This role is to start the week of Friday 17th October.

Non-smokers need only apply.

Remuneration will be paid fairly and based on your level of experience.


Nanny needed in Clayfield 2 days per week

A family living in Clayfield is seeking a nanny to look after their 2 cherubs 2 days a week.

The family require a nanny Mondays and Tuesdays. During summer (daylight savings months in NSW/Vic) you will work 7.30am to 4.30pm. During the winter (non-daylight savings months) you will work 8am to 5pm. This is due to the father’s work commitments.

The family consists of a little girl who has just turned 2 and her baby brother who is now 7 months old. They also have their friendly 4yo Golden Retriever (dog) who is very much a part of the family dynamic.

The ideal candidate will be 20-40 years of age and have experience working with both babies and toddlers, either as a nanny or in a childcare centre setting.

The family are seeking a nanny who will show initiative to get in and help around the house, with washing and folding and general tidying. They will need a nanny who enjoys some cooking, as the children’s meals throughout the day will need to be prepared, as will their dinner.

Outings are encouraged with both children, along with age-appropriate activities within the home such as arts and crafts, reading, puzzles, blocks and playing in the garden.

The family are seeking a QUALIFIED nanny i.e. a min of a cert 3 in childcare and someone who will be lots of fun and show a positive attitude towards the family and nannying.

Non-smokers need only apply.

Paying approx. $25p/h.

Nanny needed in Wooloowin on a flexible term basis

We have a delightful family in Wooloowin seeking a very flexible and casual nanny to work with them.
The family consists of twin girls aged 4.
This role is slightly unusual as they only require a nanny when they are traveling. They may ask you to accompany them as a family or to stay in Brisbane at the family home and look after the girls whilst mum and dad are away on official business.
They are seeking a friendly, caring and well organized nanny who can assist with extra days and hours for babysitting or if the parents are away overnight.
The first block of dates they definitely require a nanny will be for approx. 2 weeks and will be looking after the girls here at home. The dates are not 100% confirmed however are seeking around the time of 24 October – 2 November. This will be a live in role for this duration of time.
Whilst the parents are away you are sole carer of the girls therefore this includes dropping the girls and picking them up from their kindy. Taking them to pre organised activities. All home duties will be required such as washing, cooking and tidy the home.
They are also seeking quite a number of dates next year already, which can be discussed with applicants during the interview process.
This role may suit an older semi-retired lady due to inflexible and inconsistency in hours. Someone who is proactive, shows initiative, energetic and loves to be with kids will be most ideal for this role.
The family are high profile there a confidentiality agreement will need to be signed.
Remuneration will be discussed with each applicant.
Non-smokers need only apply.

Nanny needed in St Lucia for a baby girl!

*** This role is for 2 nannies. One nanny has been placed and has been flexible on the times worked so we need a 2nd nanny.


A single mum who works in the medical profession is seeking 2 nannies to look after her 7 month old baby girl in their apartment in St Lucia.
2 nannies are required as they are quite lengthy hours. She is open to the way the 2 nannies work whether half days each or full days however they will need coverage Monday to Friday from 5am to 7pm (sometimes the evenings will be earlier but with medical emergencies it depends what time she will arrive home).
Approximately once a week, one of the nannies will have to do an overnight due to her being on call. If she doesn’t work you have no responsibility however will still be paid (at a reduced rate). There is also one full weekend to be worked approximately every 6 weeks. Again, the weekends can be negotiated between the 2 nannies.
They live in a small apartment however have a spare room with ensuite for the nanny who does stay overnight and does the weekends.
Given the unit is quite small she is more than happy for the nannies to encourage outings however also some routine at home, especially whilst she is still a baby. You will need to take her to her swimming lesson in which you need to get in the pool with her, located at Morningside.
Mum is extremely open to meeting a range of nannies whether qualified or not however she is seeking someone around her own age group (36) as there maybe many occasions shes on call from home and she would like to have a ‘friend’ at home with them. She is thinking along the lines of a 30-40year old and someone who has had kids. You can even bring your own kids/baby along with you as she feels it would be special for her bub to have a little friend to play with. She is more so after 2 nannies that can work alongside one another and as a team where there will be consistency for her daughter. The nannies must show initiative to get tasks done and to engage some form of routine for her baby. Given they live in a small apartment mum would very much appreciate help around the home. Ideally you will need to help with washing and folding, tidy the apartment, clean the bathroom, meal prep especially for bub and with her homemade foods and all duties relating to the baby girl. The chores can be set daily and shared between both nannies so tasks are getting done every day and so the baby’s routine is followed. Sharing the workload between 2 nannies will make for a pleasant working environment and will help mum out immensely.
Given mum is working full time and on call quite a lot it’s important to her to find 2 very caring and affectionate nannies that will love her baby girl. It is also highly important she reaches her milestones and is encouraged through different activities that the nannies set for her.
Remuneration will be discussed with each applicant however she is open to employing the nannies or have nannies work under their own ABN. 4 weeks holiday will be paid as will public holidays that fall on your work day. Occasionally, a nanny will be required to work on a public holiday.
If you are seeking part time to full time hours and have some flexibility with hours you work then apply now. Reliable non-smoking nannies need only apply.
Must have a car and licence for this role.