After School Activities | Centenary Nannies and Babysitters | Part Two

Following on from the great reviews of our first blog on after school activities, we have come up with some further educational, fun and healthy after school activities for children.  Please read below for inspiration.

After school activities #1: cook dinner with the kids

It is more important than ever to teach our kids about healthy eating, including which vegetables are which! The best way to do this is to introduce them to fresh ingredients, and also to teach them how to cook nutritious meals. There are many kid-friendly recipes that are fun to prepare and delicious to make, such as vegetable lasagna or cauliflower and parsnip fried rice with chicken.  Mmmm mmm! What time is dinner?Afterschool Activities for children - part 2

After school activities #2: have a limbo contest

After school activity favourite right here. Not only is this lots of fun, but it is really easy to come up with and play.  You can make a limbo stick out of a pool noodle, a long stick or even an old stocking pulled tight.  Go on, put on some fabulous, body moving, limbo dance music for kids (youtube has some that are hilarious) and get your limbo groove on! 

After school activities #3: take the dog for a walk

Let’s face it, Olde Yeller, the family dog, is always happy for a stretch after being cooped up in the backyard all day, so he will be over the moon excited with this after school activity.  In addition, heading out for a walk can be a nice way to discuss the day’s events with the kids as well as get some energising fresh air and get those limbs moving.

After school Activities for children - part 2


If you haven’t read our first blog about after school activities for children and would like some further inspiration, please click on the following link:

After School Activities for Children – Part 2
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