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I am all for using fun after school activities for children as a way of breaking up routine. Please see three fun ideas for children below:

Build an obstacle course

This one is so much fun! I remember doing this when I was younger. My family had a very interesting choice of carpet in the house that was green with yellow lily pads. It was cool at the time of the ’70s and actually has made a retro comeback! Not my cup of tea. However, it was perfect for the home obstacle course! With or without the lily pad carpet this is still a fun activity to play after school.  

How to:

Use household items like couch pillows or books to build the obstacle course, and have a fun story to go along with it — for example, the kids have to balance on one leg and not touch  or fall into the hot “lava” (a.k.a.  lily pad carpet).

after school activities for children

Build a children’s hut inside

When everyone is worn out from the obstacle course, get creative with the children and build a hut out of blankets and pillows. Snuggle up and tell a scary story by flashlight or read a fairy tale together while drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. For those of you who would prefer a laugh, please read our blog on children’s books for book inspiration

Play board games

Keep the TV turned off and the gadgets aside and instead encourage the kids to play a board game together. You could choose between something fun and interactive and/or one that requires more focus like good-ole-fashioned Connect Four! There really are countless ideas for board games and after school activities for children, and they are so much fun!  

Afterschool activities for children

After School Activities for Children
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