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Tips for getting the kids out the door on time for school

We all know getting the kids out the door on time during the school week is challenging. We have come up with some handy tips below that we hope you will find useful:

  1. Get yourself out of bed 10 minutes earlier so you can have a cup of coffee and start the day fresh!

  2. Get breakfast ready the night before or have a weekly list of breakfast options set out for each day of the week – less to think about when we have just woken up!

  3. Leave chores to the evening and weekends – that way you can all just focus on getting out the door on time. For more information on child friendly household chores please refer to our blog on Household Chores

  4. Have school clothing laid out and ready for the little bodies to wriggle into after their morning shower.

  5. Turn the T.V off and put the iPad away in the morning and swap it with some invigorating, energising and motivating music that will get you moving, shaking and feeling pumped for the day ahead.

on time for school

Being on Time for School
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