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Charlie Chaplain said “A Day without laughter is a day wasted.” I couldn’t agree more.  When was the last time you experienced a deep-set belly laugh?

Having a giggle is so good for you. It can help put the stresses of everyday life into perspective as well as keeping you grounded and focussed.  When shared it can be contagious and invigorating.  I am an absolute advocate for more laughing by increasing the amount of humour we incorporate into our daily lives.

Research shows benefits of laughter are:

  • Boost your immune system. Increasing the number of antibody-producing T cells. This then makes us less likely to get coughs and colds.
  • Alleviate stress, anxiety and feeling down. Laughing reduces tension and stress, and lowers anxiety and irritation.
  • Give your abdominal zone a work out. Apparently having a laugh is that good for you it actually burns calories.
  • Make you look younger. As well as giving your abdominal zone a work out, your face gets one too. As many as 15 facial muscles get moving when you laugh. This increases the blood flow around the face, bringing the circulation into even the smallest of capillaries which, in turn, helps to make you look younger and healthier.
  • Bring people closer together. Having a laugh is great for building both family, friend and work relationships.

As Audrey Hepburn said “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”

How to get more laughter into you and your family’s life:

  1. Watch a funny movie together.
  2. Read a funny book.
  3. Go to a live comedy show.
  4. Hang out with people who have a positive sense of humour.
  5. Play pretend! Host a onesie party, and have a good laugh at all your family and friends dressed up in silly animal costumes!

Now get to it! Let’s increase the fun, laughter and humour in our everyday lives.

Benefits of laughter

Benefits of laughter
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