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What is a Bored Jar?

If you are seeking some inspiration for the up and coming school holidays, we suggest making a Bored Jar. You can use any old jar (we used an old jam jar) and then write on small coloured pieces of paper (or ice-block sticks) names of activities you can pull from the jar and complete when you hear the classic and expected “I’m Bored” from the kids. Below are some ideas of games and activities we came up with:


Bored Jar

25 Bordem Busters
2.Bake a cake or biscuits
3.Colour in some pictures
4.Play with Lego
5.Make cards
6.Make fudge and put in little bags to give to people as presents (Good idea for Christmas!).
7.Pull weeds
8.Walk the dog
9.Brush the cat
10.Wash the dog
11.Make popcorn
12.Wash the car
13.Water the plants
14.Plant some flowers – the bees will love you!
15.Find shapes and animals in the clouds
16.Camp outside and learn about the stars
17.Lay in the sunshine and learn about cloud formations
18.Make an outside obstacle course and run around this as many times as you can!
19.Make a rain water collector
20.Make a bird feeder
21.Make a hopscotch course on the footpath with chalk and play this with the neighbourhood kids
22.Make ice-cream or vegan nice cream
23.Play hide and seek
24.Play a board game
25.Plan a dinner menu for one night, organise to get the ingredients and make it

Bored Jar


Bountiful Bored Jar Ideas
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