Car games

Car games make family road trips more fun for the kids! Playing car games with your children distracts them and makes driving long distances seem shorter. Here are a few simple games to save your sanity on a long journey.  The more you make them think, the less they think to whinge!

I spy – Someone starts the game by choosing an object inside or outside of the car that can be seen by all. The person only shares the letter the object starts with and says: I spy something with my little eye something begging with the letter “A”. The other players start guessing objects that start with the letter “A” until the right object is named. Whoever guesses it correctly gets to choose the object for the next round. The object can start with any letter.

Road trip scavenger hunt – Before you set out on your road trip, write a list of items your kids need to find while you’re travelling. Give each child in the car a list of items to watch out for while driving. You could include items like a stop sign, dog, number plate starting with the letter C, McDonalds, train, bus, motorbike, tree, red car, green traffic light etc. Your children can mark off the list as they see the items. The first one to mark off all the items on the list is the winner.

Alphabet game – Choose a subject such as a boy’s names, animal, food etc. All players take a turn giving a response following alphabetical order, for example Aaron, Ben, Caleb, Daniel etc. When you get to the letter Z, go back to the letter A again. Players drop out of the game if they can’t play their turn and the winner is the last one in the game.

Counting cars – Everyone in the car chooses a different colour car. The aim of the game is to spot as many cars as possible in your chosen colour. Set a time frame i.e. 1 hour or once you arrive at your destination etc. With a pen and paper keep a tally of everyone’s findings. The winner is the person with the highest number of cars.

Guess what I am – Someone in the car starts the game by stating that they are a person, place or thing. The other people in the car then need to ask questions and try to guess what the person is based on their answers. People may ask things such as: Are you a person? Are you an animal? What colour are you? If a person guesses what the person is, they are the next person to think of something and answer questions. If no one guesses, the person gets another turn.

Number plate game – Make sentences with the letters of number plates. For example if the car in front’s number plate is “DCB 79” the sentence could be dogs chew bones. The person to come up with a sentence the fastest is the winner and gets to choose the next number plate. The sentence must make sense.


Car games

Car Games
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