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Christmas is the time to get crafty with the little ones!  Getting together and getting creative is a wonderful experience for everyone (young and old) as it provides an opportunity to work together as a team and create something beautiful. Let’s face it, even if the crafts come out slightly wonky, we can all appreciate the experience and the lasting memories from the “Year we made those Christmas crafts”.  There are many different craft ideas (some more skilled than others!) that you can try making with children.  Please see our top 3 below:


Darling Reindeer

1.    Cover a cardboard tube with patterned paper.

2.    Cut a triangle head and two large and two small oval ears out of paper.

3.    Glue the smaller ears inside the larger ones and fold in half. Glue to top of triangle.

4.    Cut felt circles for eyes. Glue googly eyes to felt. Add pom-pom nose.

5.    Glue the triangle to the top center of the tube.

6.    Use straws and pipe cleaners to make antlers


Jolly Ol’ Santa  christmas-tree3

1.    Paint a cone-shaped water cup red.

2.    Cut out a circle face shape from felt and snip top of face to make it flat.

3.    Cut a felt beard and mustache and glue to face. Add black dots for eyes.

4.    Wrap pipe cleaner around the point of the cup and the middle of the cup to make the hat and jacket trim.

5.    Glue the face to the front of the cone. Add a small pom-pom for a nose.

6.    Glue paper feet to the inside of the cone.


Crafty Christmas totes!

1.    Turn a shopping bag into a Christmas gift tote by cutting out a large square on each side to remove the store logos.

2.    Tape cellophane over the window (from the inside).

3.    Stuff the bag with tissue paper; tie on a ribbon.

4.    Fill with gorgeous Christmas gifts and pop under the tree!


Child friendly Christmas crafts

Child friendly Christmas crafts
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