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Cooking with Kids

“Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity” Guy Feiri.

Not only is cooking and baking with kid’s fun, educational, creative, empowering and messy.  It is a life skill that they will thank you for when they are older.

cooking with kids

When it comes to researching and choosing recipes, there are countless kid friendly websites online as well as many wonderful easy to follow recipe books in libraries and bookstores.  My go-to at the moment is the fabulous  Before you put your apron’s on, there are a few additional things that you will need to consider. Please see some tips below:

• Age of children and the level of skill required to create the masterpiece that you have in mind. Is it achievable and age friendly? Remember that one of the main goals is for children to learn about food and encourage them to enjoy and actually want to create meals and bake their favourite biscuits at home.
• Hygiene – make sure you have lots of hand sanitizer on hand as well as paper towels because it will get messy!
• Supervision – be sure that you are able to supervise at all times this is especially important when using knives, graters and of course being around a hot oven or stove top.
• Allergies – Consider any allergies of the children in your care before choosing and preparing a recipe.


Feeling inspired? Whip up an Australian family favourite The Lamington. Please see link to our easy Lamington recipe below.




Cooking and Baking with Kids
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