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Let’s get courageous, creative and messy with children! Not only is creative play fun, it is good for young and old. Creative and messy play is a great way to relieve stress, develop cognitive skills while having fun. So let loose and enjoy yourself while creating hilariously wonderful memories with creative, messy play.

Courageous, creative and messy

Face painting

Face painting is perfect for encouraging creativity and getting messy at the same time. It’s a wonderful way to entertain children of all ages. And the end result – a brightly painted face – always delights. So get those creative juices flowing and design some ‘faces’ together. Then get painting! Just remember to make sure the paint is non-toxic and non-irritating. Courageous, creative and messy fingerpainting476x290

Finger painting

Finger painting is lots of fun and feels fantastic! It is amazing for developing creative skills and basic cause and effect cognitive skills in children.  Yes, it is super messy, but that’s what makes it fun! To minimise mess, however, we suggest setting aside an area (preferably outside) on an old sheet. That way, the grass or deck won’t get paint-spattered as well! So grab some non-toxic paints, large sheets of paper and set to it. You never know, you may have the next baby Picasso right under your nose.

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Courageous, creative and messy
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