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Easter is a time for family, friends, fun and, of course, eating lots of chocolate! Have you thought of playing any Easter games with your family and friends this Easter? Here are some great Easter games.

Easter Egg Hunt

Classic game that can be enjoyed by all ages! Place eggs around the home and yard and watch with delight as your friends and family hunt down their Easter egg treats.

Spoon Races

 Like with the Easter egg rolling game, you must mark out a start and finishing line. Then give your participants a spoon (think large kitchen spoon) and an egg to put on their spoon – I prefer to use actual chicken eggs as this one can get very fun and messy! The participants have to race to the finish line while balancing their egg on the spoon!  The person that makes it to the finish line with their egg in one piece is the winner! More chocolate eggs please!

Easter Egg Rolling

This one is a lot of fun! All you need to do is mark a starting line and a finishing line then have your participants roll their eggs from the first line to the second line. The player who manages to roll their egg closest to the finishing line, with their egg uncracked is the winner! More chocolate is the prize!
Easter games

Easter Games
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