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Employment as a nanny is a great opportunity for individuals who enjoy spending time with children, hEmployment as a nannyave an understanding of child development and have previous childcare experience. As a former nanny I can honestly say it was the most rewarding job I have ever done. Not only did I get to nurture, teach, encourage and support, I got to have fun! Every day was different. Some days were tough, especially when the children were being demanding, but other days it didn’t even feel like work. The cheeky smiles, the contagious laughter and the everlasting bonds formed made up for the bad days. I still maintain relationships with the three families I worked for and love knowing that I played such an important role in their children’s lives.

There are many benefits to pursuing employment as a nanny:

  • Good nannies are in high demand – Professional couples will pay top dollar to hire and maintain the right nanny for their family.
  • Enjoy a flexible routine – A nanny’s day is hardly ever boring. Most employers encourage their nannies to venture out and expose their children to the world.
  • Create lasting relationships – Nannies become very attached to the children in their care, as well as their parents. The feelings are most often reciprocal. It is common for a nanny to remain a close family friend long after her employment has ended.
  • Gain experience that will help you later in life – You will learn through observation and experience the best and worst of family life. The lessons you learn you will put to use in your personal and/or professional life later.
  • Make great contacts – People hiring nannies are usually successful in their line of work. If you do your job well, they will provide great references for future employment. They may also be willing to introduce you to others who can help you meet your professional goals.
  • There will always be clients – Thousands of children are born each week. Nannies aren’t going anywhere. As long as couples have children and return to work, nannies will be needed.
  • You get paid for having fun – Make money while finger painting, going to the park and playing dress ups. If you love working with children, some days you’ll wonder how it’s possible to be paid for having so much fun.
  • Make a difference in the life of a child – Nannies spend the majority of awake time with the children. Children need and deserve a consistent role model to nurture them while their parents are at work. The love and appreciation of a child can’t be measured.

Centenary Nannies are always looking to recruit new nannies in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast who are passionate, professional and have a genuine desire to work with children. If you have at least 12 months experience working with children, a valid blue card and a current first aid certificate we would love to hear from you. Please call (07) 3376 4349 or visit www.centenarynannies.com.au for more information.

Employment as a nanny
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