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What a beautiful quote. For me, it speaks the importance of remembering to take the time to stop and appreciate the gracious good in everybody.  It is also a reminder to ensure that we make a conscious effort to give people support and hope along the way. One way we can achieve this is to encourage people.

encourage people

What is encouragement?

Encouragement is the act of giving other people support, courage, hope and confidence.

Why encourage people?

Research shows that the more encouragement people receive the more likely they are to continue with good behaviours, they work harder to achieve their goals and let’s also be honest it makes people feel good, which in the long-term builds confidence.  Who can argue with that?

I have been pondering over the last week about how often we actually take the time to encourage our friends, family, children or work colleagues? Not that often I bet. The reality is that once you start giving the gift of encouragement it is actually really easy to do.  By doing this you will notice relationships strengthen and evolve. As parents you will see your children grow in confidence, self-esteem and thrive. How lovely does that sound?

How to encourage people (children included!)

I understand that at first it can be hard to take steps and positively acknowledge other people.  It may not come naturally to you, or it could be really scary to put yourself out there.  You do not want to come across fake, cheesy or over-the-top.  So how do we do this then? How do we encourage people and make sure it is in our own authentic way? As an introduction,  I have done the leg work for you and provided some (What I have termed) “Easy encouragers” for you to try.  Let’s lift people up. Be the reason that someone smiles today.

Easy encouragers

  1. I really enjoy doing this with you.
  2. I am really proud to be your Mum/Dad/, every day. No matter what.
  3. Thank you for helping with…
  4. Look how happy you have made Mum/Dad/Sister/Brother/Friend when you did that…
  5.  You did it!
  6. You have such a positive attitude.
  7.  I can tell that you did your very best because…
  8. That was so kind of you.
  9.  We all make mistakes.  You can try again tomorrow.
  10. Don’t worry. You got this.encourage people
How to encourage people
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