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There has been an increase in posts on social media about creating family memory jars. The idea behind this is that if we keep a collection of our memories throughout the year, when it gets to the end of the year we can empty out the jar and reminisce over all the wonderful experiences we had with each other throughout the year. You don’t have to stop there! You can even place favourite quotes from the year, photos and sweet messages to each other. There is no right or wrong way to create and fill a memory jar.

Memory jar

So how do we make one of these? I gave it a try over the weekend and couldn’t be more pleased with myself. Please see instructions below:


• 1 empty jar – we used a recycled coconut oil jar but any one will do.
• 1 recent family photo (to place on the outside of the jar).
• Piece of card (any colour will do and match it to suit the jar size).
• Black pen
• Double-sided tape

Once you have created the jar, place it somewhere where you will all see it and start filling it up!


Family memory jars
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