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I am looking into the benefits of growing vegetables and herbs at home. I am impressed to see that Bunnings is tremendously on board with this, which is super exciting and makes me feel hopeful! In fact my local store stocks a variety of kids starter kits available for purchase, that include easy-to-grow starter plants such as tomatoes (technically a fruit) and many herbs such as basil, mint and oregano. I am sold!

I picked up the basil and tomato starter kits the other weekend and it is so simple to get started.  Let’s look at some of the benefits of growing our own veggie patch!

Benefits of growing veggies:

1. Knowing where our vegetables, fruits and herbs come from allows us to become more connected with nature.
2. With care and attention, we can assist in helping a seed grow into a beautiful fruit, vegetable or herb. This act reminds, or for some of us, teaches us to be gentle and to care for the environment.
3. It asks the gardener to be patient.
4. Teaches cooperation.
5. Teaches resilience.
6. It assists us to grow in confidence as we see the results from our efforts.
7. It teaches us to follow instruction.
8. To consider interconnectedness of the elements e.g. water and earth and without cooperation of these we will not see our gardens flourish.

I think that all the above are good enough reasons for me to continue growing vegetables in my own garden as well as encourage others to get started! I have shared some of my gardening tips below.

Tips for growing vegetables:

• Start small with a starter kit from Bunnings or local plant nursery.
• Buy in season. Always check the back of the packet before either purchasing or planting, this way you can be sure to have success and feel inspired to grow some more plants or herbs!
• Always wear gloves when working with soil, if outside in a home veggie plot, look out for spiders and snakes!
• Washing hands before and after is very important.
• Supervise children when working with garden tools. These are dangerous to little hands and toes.
• There is no need to use chemicals and you can have an organic garden. Speak with your gardening team at your local store, or google chemical free alternatives if you are interested in exploring these options.
• Be sun safe if gardening outside. Remember hats, shade and water. While you are there, plant some aloe vera which is wonderful for sunburn.


Growing a veggie patch with children

Growing a veggie patch with children