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Night Nannies

This article is about the importance of night nannies. Because what do we all think when we think newborn baby? Lack of sleep is what springs to mind for me personally, followed by wind, colic, reflux, routines, dirty nappies, SIDS, and umm what do I do with a baby!!??

It would be nice if babies came with their own instruction manual. However, they don’t. Sometimes we just need help but this can be a daunting thought, as where do you go and who can you ask? We ponder the thought ‘Am I going to be judged for having night time help’? ‘My baby doesn’t stop crying and wont sleep’ so I ask for help and get judged for it. Let’s face it, as parents we are judged all the time from what we do with our babies and kids, where we go, how we speak to them, bottle fed or breast fed, circumcised or not, disposable nappies or cloth, which schools they go to, the list is endless. You know what? Bugger them I say, stand up and be proud to ask for help especially when dealing with babies. You want a happy and content baby so good on you for standing up and realising you need help. For some mums and even dads, not asking for help can lead to disastrous activities and even an onset of PND for the mother.

I was so very fortunate, unlike many others, to have the support of my very own mum. My mum came and lived with us for a few weeks after both my girls were born. Mum was my saviour, and my husbands- as he had to work – and also for my girls. She was my very own night nanny and baby whisperer. Mum could calm the kids, bathe them, put them to sleep and bring them to me when they needed to be fed. She taught me how to swaddle them, hold them and I even had a midwife show me the football hold for breastfeeding. Felt weird and awkward holding her but made feeding a lot more comfortable! With my second we tried and tested a few methods for her to sleep. However, her fave sleeping position was her tummy. Right there you are all going to judge me as this goes against the SIDS guidelines. However, as a reflux baby this made her comfortable and she slept. Hence me getting some sleep. Therefore, we were ALL happy, and let’s face it who doesn’t want to be happy and enjoy the whole experience with our babies. After all, our babies grow far too quickly. So, yes, my mum was the best night nanny a girl could ask for.

Let Centenary Nannies help

For the many who don’t have family as an option, which is most people, who do you ask for help? Having run a leading nanny agency in Brisbane for 7 years and now the Gold Coast and globally I tell people come to us. I want to help families, as I know I was a fortunate one to have night help and even day help. If you are struggling, call us at Centenary Nannies and we can help you with a professional night nanny. Our nannies are highly qualified and trained baby experts. While their experience and qualifications differ, they are often trained in sleep training courses, lactation courses, midwifery, paediatric nursing, etc. The night nannies continually update their knowledge and learn from each experience with each family and baby. As, like I said, all babies are different and don’t come with an instruction manual.

What exactly do night nannies do?

The night nannies come to you. YES – they come into your home where you and baby are most comfortable. Night nannies can help with settling techniques. They can help with breastfeeding – establishing milk supply, helping you understand hind milk, effective feeding techniques. Night nannies can help you to decipher different cries, bring wind up, help establish a routine, help with settling, and more.

As parents, whether it’s your 1st or 5th baby, we need to feel reassured. The night nannies can help with this and will encourage you and support you and NOT judge. Building confidence and feeling comfortable is half the problem. Bub will pick up on this tension and this itself can cause problems. The night nannies will help instill confidence and guide you towards a calm and positive happy vibe which bub will pick up on. While I am not a trained in baby care, I know that when I am happy, calm and stress-free my girls were always happy. As soon as I worried about something they became unsettled, so from experience I know this can cause problems.

If I didn’t have my mum to support me I sure would have looked at a night nanny with my first. I was quite sick after the cesarean (6 weeks in fact!) and my 2nd was a reflux baby. I learnt that all she needed was very small feeds quite frequently, and this helped her…..didn’t help me as I was tired all the time!!

Sleep isn’t expensive. it’s priceless

You may have the ‘perfect baby’ but just lacking sleep with broken sleeps from having to night feed so the night nannies can come and feed bub and attend to them whilst you sleep the night away blissfully. Imagine that!!! A day and week of pure functionality as let’s face it any other time we walk around like zombies and tune out to the world around us.

When we think of night nannies we all assume ‘highly expensive and a luxury’. However, for me, sleep is a luxury and one I would be willing to pay for. Even once week for a few weeks can take the burden off and help.

For first time parents, parents with issues with any baby and for those blessed with multiples such as twins or triplets and are needing help then the night nannies could be, actually NO I would say they WILL be your knight in shining armour!!!

Good luck. I hope you get some sleep tonight and ponder the thought of asking for some night nanny help.

HELP?? Night nannies to the rescue!!