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In this blog post, we share with you some ideas for slow living.

“Like a bee in a flower bed, the human brain naturally flits from one thought to the next. In the high-speed workplace, where data and headlines come thick and fast, we are all under pressure to think quickly. Reaction, rather than reflection, is the order of the day. To make the most of our time, and to avoid boredom, we fill up every spare moment with mental stimulation…Keeping the mind active makes poor use of our most precious resource. True, the brain can work wonders in high gear. But it will do so much more if given the chance to slow down from time to time. Shifting the mind into lower gear can bring better health, inner calm, enhanced concentration and the ability to think more creatively.”
-Carl Honoré, In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed

Ideas for slow living

Ideas for slow living

Sit in silence for 1 minute.
Stop multitasking and give yourself fully to each task.
Go for a nature walk daily.
Write in a journal.
Have a break from social media 1 evening per week.
Have a break from t.v one evening per week.
Read a paperback book.
Cook from scratch.
Take the time to look up at the sky.
Start a small herb garden or plant a peace lily for your desk.
Be grateful – start a gratitude or memory jar – see blog on how to make a memory jar!
Spend some time colouring in, painting or drawing.
Practice some restorative yoga!



Ideas for slow living
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