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I am a firm believer that kindness in children is extremely beneficial for their emotional and spiritual development. We must encourage kindness in children through acts of kindness towards their friends, family and animals.  In light of this belief, I have put together a list of ‘30 acts of kindness’ that are child friendly. 

30 acts of kindness for children:

  1. Say “Please” when you ask for something.
  2. Give compliments to others.
  3. Smile at people! It is contagious!
  4. Write “Thank You” notes.
  5. Open doors for strangers.
  6. Sit by someone new at lunch.
  7. Play with someone new.
  8. Make a card for a friend.
  9. Share a snack with another child at school who doesn’t have one.
  10. Bake some sweet treats and take them to school to share with your classmates.
  11. Tell a teacher that you appreciate them.
  12. Cheer up someone that is having a bad day by making them laugh – this one is good for all people.
  13. Be kind to yourself by reminding yourself every night before you go sleep that you did your best today.
  14. Put away your toys.
  15. Make your bed.
  16. Help your parents with the dishes.
  17. Give the toys you don’t play with to your local charity.
  18. Put the clothes you no longer wear in your local clothing bin.
  19. Collect cans of food for your local food bank.
  20. Go to your local animal shelter, pat the dogs and play with the kittens.
  21. Go to your local rest home and give some flowers to the people who live there.
  22. Pick some flowers for your mum.
  23. Say “Good morning” to people that you see along the way to school.
  24. Call your grandparents if you don’t see them often and say “Hello”.
  25. At Christmas time, choose a present for someone else and give this to your local women’s shelter.
  26. At Christmas time, offer for your family to help out at your closest homeless shelter and prepare Christmas hampers and meals for the homeless.
  27. At Easter time give some chocolate eggs to your neighbour.
  28. Give your Mum and Dad a hug.
  29. Talk to the children at school that no one else talks to.  They need friends as well.
  30. Tell your mum that she looks nice. It will make her feel happy to hear you say that.

I recommend trying all of these with your children. They are not only kind but inspirational, charming and contagious.


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30 kind acts to develop kindness in children
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