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Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

Did you know that the average Australian household spends approx. $300 a year on cleaning products alone?

I have been an enormous fan of making my own natural cleaning products for as long as I can remember. There are a few reasons for this including the fact that I get a kick out of saving money (some may call me frugal!) on the cost of numerous cleaning products and I also value having a low-tox home and environment. Not only do I make my own cleaning products but I also make my own soap, candles, pet shampoo and have even experimented with sewing. I will admit that not everything is a success, however I like to be savvy and I really value knowing how I can make things from scratch when needed.

How to…

With regards to making my own natural cleaning products, I have experimented with numerous recipes over the last ten years and I must say I have a wee bit of a Jamie Oliver approach to my low-tox sprays and cleaner’s recipes so I can’t really give an accurate amount of how much vinegar to water to lemon juice ratio if you know what I mean! So you will need to work out what works for you. I have listed many of my favourite go-to home-made cleaning products below for you. I encourage you to give one or all of them a chance and see what you think!

Natural Floor Cleaner Bottle of castile soap and bottle of peppermint essential oil or castile soap and water with a few drops of lemon essential oil

Toilet Cleaner (Bottle of vinegar & box or jar of baking soda) White vinegar, baking soda & a few drops of your favourite essential oil – we like lemon, lime or orange for an added burst of Zing and freshness!

Home-made Dish Liquid (in re-used & cleaned dish-liquid bottle). Castile soap, water and lemon essential oil.Natural Cleaning Products

Window Cleaner (in spray bottle). 2 large tablespoons of white vinegar diluted with warm water

All-purpose Cleaner (in spray bottle) (not recommended on granite or marble or any stone counter top).
White vinegar, Lemon rind & few drops of dishwashing liquid or castile soap if you don’t have dish washing cleaner made-up.

Dish Washer Cleaner White vinegar (to be honest I have used any type of vinegar!) Pour a cup of vinegar in the bottom and then turn dishwasher on as you would when cleaning normally.

Fruit and Veggies Cleaner (if you don’t purchase organic). This is a great thing to do to help reduce and hopefully remove the pesticide residues from fruits and veggies that have been exposed to this through standard farming practices. I fill my sink with a mix of warm water and vinegar and gently rinse the produce in the water. Once cleaned I rinse once more with running water and then place on bench on a clean tea-towel to dry off before placing in pantry or fridge.

Natural Cleaning Products
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