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Needing a break from your children is normal. A lot of mum’s think it, feel it and want it but due to guilt are afraid to say it out loud. “We’re supposed to want to be around our kids all the time, right?” “I should be grateful to even be a mum!” So many woman want to be mothers and for many reasons can’t have children, so mothers tend to feel guilty saying they need a break from their children. But being a parent is the only unpaid full time job that demands you be on duty 24/7 and it’s exhausting!

We all have days when we need a break from our kids and can hardly wait for them to be in bed at night. Those days when your children areNeeding a break from your children demanding, you’re tired, life is insanely busy and when no matter how many parenting/discipline techniques you try to employ nothing seems to work.

It’s ok to want time to yourself. It’s ok to want to be able to go to the bathroom uninterrupted. It’s ok to want to be able to have a good night’s sleep without being woken up by a crying baby or having your three year old climb in bed with you during the night. It’s ok to want to be able to eat your food while it’s still hot. It’s ok to want to watch what you want on TV once in a while. It’s ok to want to have an adult conversation without talking about your children. You aren’t a bad mum. You are human.

Even the most dedicated and patient mother needs a break from time to time. As mothers we are so used to putting others’ needs first that we can ignore our own needs, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. But we need to take care of ourselves. Taking a break and getting some downtime is an important part of that process. If not you will eventually crash and burn and that won’t be good for anyone. A break is essential to any parent’s emotional wellbeing. No matter how much we enjoy being with our children, we all need a breather from time to time. So stop feeling guilty and allow time for yourself. You deserve a break!

For some tips on how to take a break

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Needing a break from your children
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