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“Never underestimate the power of telling someone that they did a good job” – Carol Pearce

I feel like I am literally floating on air when I receive positive feedback. The feeling can ricochet for days and it makes me feel happy, confident and likely to do my best once more!

I also love to receive and read feedback and compliments from our clients regarding our babysitter’s service. To hear of the work that our team completes, the trust they instil and high level care provided to such precious treasures makes me proud. I enjoy sharing this feedback with our babysitters, who in turn I hope feel happy and proud of themselves!

Please see some positive feedback below!

Well done team!

Hi Rachel

Thank you for checking in.  Carissa was wonderful, on time, caring and experienced.  Thank you and I’m sure you will hear from us again sometime soon.

Hi Rachel,

Yes thank you she was lovely and Charlotte had a great time. It saved the wedding having her there to mind Charlotte in between and around the services. Thanks so much.

Hello Rachel,

She’s brilliant thank you. The kiddies are have been happy when she’d been looking after them, and she does activities with them which is what we are after. Very happy with her!

Hello Rachel

This was our very first time using a professional service to mind the children and our home while we were away. Very happy with Nicole who we found to a wonderful person very professional.

Nicole arrived on time and was a hit with everyone including Barney our dog. There were no issues to report and we look forward to using your service in the near future for some parents time out.

I would highly recommend this service to others and have already mentioned it at work

Thank you.


positive feedback

Power of positive feedback
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