Brisbane Nanny - Centenary Nannies and Babysitters

Placement Fees (as of July 2019)

*** PLEASE NOTE: The below fees are NOT what you pay the nanny. These are the recruitment fees for utilizing our services.

Full time nanny$2,500.00
Part time nanny$2,500.00
Temporary nanny (2 – 6 weeks)$800.00

Upon filling out and signing a registration form with Centenary Nannies we will require a $200 non refundable administration fee. The recruitment fee will then be owing to Centenary Nannies once you have selected a suitable candidate for your family.

Should you find a nanny privately the $200 administration fee is non refundable. If your nanny does not work out and you choose to pursue the services again through Centenary Nannies, the $200 administration fee will need to be paid again. This will cover some of the costs for new advertising and time to recruit a new nanny.

If you hire a nanny through referral from Centenary Nannies you will be given a 6 week trial period. If you find the nanny is not the right fit or if the nanny were to leave within the first 6 weeks we will replace her at no extra cost to you, however we will only waive this fee once. Please note all fees are non refundable to cover recruitment costs.