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Night Nannies

Night Nannies
  • Mothercraft/trained nurse/night nanny for overnight shift…….$35 per hour (we recommend 9/10pm to 5/6am)
  • Mothercraft/trained nurse/night nanny for day time shift…….$30 per hour (6am to 6pm)

Anywhere from 6pm through to 6am is deemed an overnight night nanny and is a rate of $35 per hour


Overnight nannies

not qualified/trained but have experience

  • If you are seeking a full overnight…….$25 per hour (we recommend 9/10pm to 5/6am)
  • If you are seeking someone for part thereof the night (e.g. 7pm to midnight) this is our casual babysitting service and our current babysitting rates apply


Booking Fees:

Centenary Nannies charges a $50 booking fee per 24 hour period.

Please note Centenary Nannies office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. Should you book after hours the booking fee will be $80.


***Please note all services entail a minimum of 4 hours