Gold Coast Babysitting - Centenary Nannies and Babysitters

Casual Service: For the families

Gold Coast BabysittingUpon calling Centenary Nannies to book one of our professional and caring Gold Coast Babysitters we will ask for a credit card, in which a $50 booking fee will be deducted.  Please note that if you call after hours the booking fee is $80. This fee is paid each time you book a babysitter and is non refundable, for whatever reason.

Payment is to be made to the babysitter at the end of their shift in cash. Between 7am and midnight the rate of pay is $25 per hour. After midnight to 7am it is $28 per hour.

Please note this service has a 4 hour minimum.

***All booking fees are GST inclusive.


Overnight babysitting

If your family requires overnight babysitting for an extended period of time this is certainly a service we can assist you with. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs and our fee structure.

Public holiday rates- babysitting

All public holidays including NYE are at a rate of $30p/h for the babysitter. Same booking fees apply.


We ask for at least 24 hours notice in placing a babysitter.  If you call on the day that you require a sitter, the booking fee will be taken, however if for some reason we can not fill the role, the fee is still non refundable, as we will have still put time and effort into finding someone. To avoid this please ensure you give us at least 24 hours notice.


All babysitters are insured through Centenary Nannies with a $10 million cover policy.