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rebate with nannies

Family Assistance

Nannies are classified as a registered carer. A Nanny is only regarded as a registered carer once they have registered with the Family Assist Office. Once they have done this and the family has met all the criteria, the family should then be able to claim the rebate. Please note that the rebate amount is dependent on how much the family income is per year. There are tables indicating how much families will be able receive on the family assist website.

To ensure all criteria is met and for more understanding about the rebate, Centenary Nannies suggests you log onto My Gov for more information.

Some times all this information canĀ  be quite overwhelming and hard to understand. Care For Kids website has a link that has a summary on how the rebate works and who is eligible

PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT GET the 50% rebate with nannies. This is for APPROVED CARE ONLY.