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Relaxation ideas for children: I remember as a young child always being way too excitable. I needed to learn how to calm down (so I didn’t induce an asthma attack!). My mum told me to “relax” on many occasions. She always followed this with some form of time-out, so I could relax and breathe calmly again.  Although this worked, I am also interested in about other ways to teach children to relax. 

How do you teach children how to calm down when they are feeling emotional or over-excited? I’ve listed below four relaxation ideas for children. Give them a go – you may just find that they work for you as well…

1. Close your eyes, lay down and listen to a guided meditation.

Meditation for children and adults is increasingly popular. There are many courses you can take to learn about meditation and its benefits. For the time-poor, access YouTube for a free guided meditation for children. Just type in ‘guided meditation for children’ and the options will amaze you. My personal favorite is the Fairy Garden Meditation for Children by Jason Stephenson.  Use this meditation for relaxation and sleeping.  Get cosy and enjoy with your children. YouTube has many channels dedicated to meditation for children. Look around and try some out!

2. Listen to calming music.

There is so much calming music available. My new favorite YouTube channel is YellowBrickCinema – Relaxing Music for Children. Check it out and watch your children (and you!) drift into a state of absolute calm. Bliss!

3. Have a hug.

Physical contact – one of the best therapies around.  What more can I say?

4. Try some calming yoga for children.

Yoga is a reputable relaxation technique for people of all ages, including children. There are many children’s yoga classes popping up all over the world (including Australia). The benefits to children in practicing yoga are many: physical, emotional, mental, emotional and spiritual. Yoga is great for releasing stress, and so much more.  If you want to try some yoga with your kids, there are some great free kid-focused yoga videos on YouTube. My personal favorite (so far!) is the Yoga Nidra Relaxation for Children with Mayuri Gonzalez

Let us know if you try any of these relaxation ideas for children.

relaxation ideas for children

Relaxation ideas for children
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