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How can you increase your self-awareness, and why is it important? As Socrates said, “to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”. The benefit to knowing yourself from a young age is tremendous. Getting to know your own nature, i.e. your values, likes/dislikes, and beliefs and goals, is a skill that we all need to be guided in and taught carefully how to apply. Did you know that self-awareness is linked to better resistance to social pressure, higher tolerance of others, and respect towards those who are different to us? I believe that it also positively impacts our future decisions and the choices that we all have to make throughout our lives.

Self awareness

Fun Fact: We make, on average, 35,000 decisions per day! Amazing, huh?

How do we support our children on the journey of self-awareness?  You can start early on this journey through the art of enquiry. This is a brilliant way for parents to get to know their children at the same time as helping them develop.




Our top ten questions to ask and discuss with children to foster self-awareness:

1. What do you like about yourself?
2. What is your happiest memory?
3. What are you grateful for?
4. What is your proudest accomplishment?
5. What do you like to do for fun?
6. What are your strengths?
7. What are your goals for this school year? Why?
8. How are you different/unique?
9. What’s something positive that you can say to yourself?
10. If you could have one wish granted what would it be?

Increase Your Self-Awareness
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