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international nanniesCentenary Nannies is a leading agency providing Australian nannies to families all over the world.
We have highly experienced workers available to help you long term or short term.
We provide our clients with the highest level of confidentiality and offer support to our international nannies.

How does Centenary Nannies recruit our international nannies to go overseas? We have an extensive database of nannies looking for work overseas but each time a new job comes in we advertise the job on numerous websites to encourage as many nannies as possible to apply so we can recruit the most experienced and professional nanny possible.

Why should I choose Centenary Nannies? We offer a very personalised service, we work closely with you to find the perfect nanny to travel overseas to work for your family. You will always be talking to the same person when you call or email us so we do build a very close bond with you. Your children are our number one priority and we only want to provide the very best international nanny for them. We listen to your needs and your advice on what sort of nanny you think would fit in with your family the best and we recruit with this in mind.

How long will our nanny stay? We always advise our nannies that they need to stay for at least 12 months for continuity for the child/ren HOWEVER we can not enforce this and sometimes issues may arise which are to no fault of ours.

What happens if the nanny isn’t a good fit for our family? We do offer a 6 week trial period for your international nanny. If during that 6 weeks you feel that the nanny won’t be good for your family, Centenary Nannies will find a replacement (this may take some time). If you request a new nanny after the 6 week period, a new fee will apply.

Why should I consider an Australian International nanny? Australians are well known to be very professional and efficient.  They are also known for their happy and enthusiastic approach to life. We have had a lot of clients tell us that Australian nannies are their favourite because they are very patient, easy going and always happy.

Who pays for the nannies flight? The client pays for the nanny’s flights.

Who organises visas etc? It is the clients responsibility to organise visas and any other documentation. The nanny will organise her own passport and health checks.

Can we as a family trial the nanny? Yes however a recruitment fee of US$300 will apply each week the nanny is with the family. The family will also need to pay the nanny for the time she is with the family during the trial period at the agreed rate between the family and the nanny.

****We do not accept jobs paying less than US$4500 per month.

For information please email us.