Hiring a Nanny: Centenary Nannies and Babysitters

Screening of Nannies

Hiring a Nanny

Our dedicated team of Nannies and Babysitters show high levels of professionalism.

Nannies will be screened for the following:

  • At least 12 months experience working with children.
  • A valid blue card (this is the criminal check which is conducted by the government department)
  • A current and up to date First Aid qualification
  • Proof of identity with 100 valid points
  • Undertaken a successful interview by Centenary Nannies face to face or via Skype. The staff will screen applicants for their appearance, communication skills, knowledge of children, personality and their capabilities.
  • Provided Centenary Nannies with at least two child care references and one character reference, which Centenary Nannies staff will have checked and deemed successful.
  • All nannies should have their own public liability/insurance. We recommend 2 companies where nannies can source their own insurance. One is www.nannysure.com.au and the other is www.altiorainsurance.com.au.

Other desirable measures can include:

  • Drivers licence.
  • Bronze medallion/Life saving certificate.
  • Child Care certifications.


Hiring a Nanny

Step 1: We at Centenary Nannies will discuss with you the client what services you require. A detailed application form will be sent to you which will enable us to decipher the nanny you are seeking.

Step 2: A non refundable deposit of $200 will be required if you choose to continue with the services at Centenary Nannies.

Step 3: We at Centenary Nannies will firstly assess Nannies on our internal database. Should there be no one suitable we will advertise externally to find who is most appropriate for your family.

Step 4: We will pass on your phone number to the Nannies chosen. From here they will call you to organise a suitable time for an interview with you and the family.

Step 5: After you interview a number of Nannies it is your choice who you decide.

Step 6: It is your duty to inform Centenary Nannies of your choice. You may wish to advise us why you did not choose the other candidates so as we can pass this information onto them. This may help them in future interviews.

Step 7: Now that you have chosen a Nanny the appropriate placement fee will be payable in which Centenary Nannies will deduct this from the same credit card upon registration. Sorry we do not accept AMEX or DINERS.

Each position has a trial period of 6 weeks. During this time if you or the Nanny is unhappy with the progress, you can inform the Agency and we can help to organize another replacement at no extra cost.  If after selecting the second nanny you are still not satisfied, you will have to start the process again, which will include paying the placement fee again.

What Nanny do I need?

Full Time: Full time nannies usually work 30 or more hours per week. Generally they will work from 7am up until 7pm Monday-Friday. As this position is full time, it is recommended the employer pay the nanny a full time rate/salary.

Part Time: Part time nannies usually work between 10-30 hours per week.

Temporary Nanny: If you seek some assistance from 2 weeks up to 6 weeks this will be the service for you.  For example if you seek someone during school holidays or until a place in day care arrives this is the service you are seeking.


Times and wages are negotiated between the employer and the Nanny, not Centenary Nannies. This page is only used as a guideline to help those who want work but not sure what hours are expected and for those who need a Nanny but are not sure which category of Nanny they require.

Nannies are covered by the Fair Work Miscellaneous Award. Should you engage your nanny in an employment relationship we recommend becoming familiar with the award. For more information regarding wages log onto www.wageline.qld.gov.au