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‘Julie is fantastic. I love having her here with us. Her help with Pierce overnight is caring and professional. She has excellent knowledge about caring for my newborn, including interpreting his cries! It has also been the best thing I have done hiring a night nanny to get us off to a great start. With my daughter I had a difficult birth experience and with the anxiety I experienced and sleep deprivation, I really went downhill and consequently had physical and mental health issues. I am at day 3 postpartum now and feeling great, relaxed and loving every minute of being a mum to Pierce. Having support like Julie’s is amazing and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone else needing night nanny support.
Thank you!’ Danielle- Mt Gravatt East-28/07/14

What are Night Nannies?

Our Night Nannies service is generally utilized by our new parents who need help during the night with their new baby.

To help our tired, emotional and just plain exhausted parents we offer different services to help assist you and work with your budget.


Mothercraft and Trained Professional Service

What is a Mothercraft Nanny/Night Nanny? What can they help our family with?

A Mothercraft Nanny is a Nanny or Nurse who has qualifications in Early Childhood Development or Mothercraft Nursing such as midwifery or a paediatric qualification.

Our trained professionals who in short we call our ‘Night Nannies’ help with all aspects of post natal care for your baby.

  • Assisting parents and helping with techniques or advice
  • Routine establishment
  • Postnatal care of both mother and baby
  • Sleep techniques and guidance
  • Developmental milestones
  • Breast and bottle feeding
  • Health and nutrition
  • Childhood disease and immunizations
  • Lactation advice, establishing a milk supply and latching techniques
  • Assisting new Fathers and helping them to adjust to their new role
  • Assisting in teaching how to bathe baby and change nappies
  • Day time or overnight care

Night Nannies not only have specialised skills but also certain techniques they can use or show you, which will help guide you when caring for your baby. Not all techniques or routines will work as all babies are different however as we have trained and qualified people to assist you, they will help to work out a strategy or way that is going to help your baby in particular. Once the night nanny leaves the home we advise you take on board what they have told you and keep persisting, as it always takes time for new babies to adjust to this big new world and environment.

Our mothercraft nurses or trained professionals (Night Nannies) will have had a least 3 years working experience with babies. They will have had experience working with unsettled babies and also just general nanny experience or having been a mother themselves. Our team of Night Nannies have worked in hospitals and helped with mothers from antenatal care through to birting to post natal care. They may also have worked as nannies or been working as a night nanny for many years. They are all highly experienced Night Nannies and will help to find something that works for you and your family.

Our Mothercraft Nurses/ Night Nannies can assist you during the day also and help to establish a routine which you can follow through after they have left the home or overnight where you can breastfeed the baby and hand the baby back to the nanny/nurse where she will continue with nappy change and resettling and allowing you to get some much needed sleep.

Majority of our families tend to utilize this service or have a trained Mothercraft Nurse/ Night Nanny come to the home to assist with sleep guidance, settling, feeding and helping establish some form of routine.

You can hire a Mothercraft nurse during the day for your preferred time or if you are needing help throughout the night with sleep guidance, routine establishment, feeding or any other difficulties that they can assist with the. Night Nannies are flexible with times they work however as a guide most generally start around 9.30/10pm and finish between 5am and 6am.
night nannies

Overnight Nannies

Our overnight nannies can assist the family by coming in generally from 9 or 10pm through to 5 or 6am to assist parents with their new baby. These nannies may not be fully qualified or trained in Mothercraft practices but are confident and able to tend to the baby’s needs. For example we have nannies who can hep at night that have been nannying for years and may have had their own children so highly confident and capable. Perhaps you just need a full night’s sleep without having to get up. The night nanny will be there to feed the baby with either a bottle of formula or expressed breast milk, change nappies and resettle and put them back to bed. These nannies may meet your budget and allow you the sleep you so desperately need!


**We ask that the night nanny/ mothercraft nurse has access to a flat surface with a pillow and blanket, if not a bed would be fabulous. If the baby is asleep we accept that they may also sleep however when the baby wakes it is they who attend to the needs of the baby.

Should either of these services be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.

**Please keep in mind that our overnight and night nannies do get booked out in advance and we ask for as much notice as possible when requesting these services.