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Sew a button

What you need to sew a button

  • A sharp sewing needle.
  • 45 – 60cm sewing thread.
  • Garment that you want to sew the button on to.
  • Button with hole in it.
  • Scissors.

How to sew a button  Sew a button

  • First find the correct position on your garment (we used an old sock that we were turning into a friendly sock-puppet. Make a Sock Puppet) to sew the button.
  • Thread your needle, and tie the two ends together in a knot. Stitch up from inside the garment and do a couple of little stitches on the spot to secure the thread.
  • Thread the button on to the needle and start stitching through the buttonholes. For a two-hole button then just keep coming up through one hole and down through the next hole. Stitch through each hole about four or five times for a Puppet Eye button and about six times for a Shirt button.
  • Once you have finished the last stitch, come up underneath the button and wrap the thread around the stitching underneath the button a few times.  Take the thread back down to the inside of the garment and do a couple of secure stitches and tie a knot to complete.
  • Gently and carefully remove the needle –watch your fingers! Remember to cut your threads to suit.

How to sew a button

Sew a button
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