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Make your own Toxic free SLIME!

What does corn-starch, food colouring and water combined get you? SLIME! Forget the traditional ingredients of glue and borax and combine these three ingredients together and you will have a lovely, versatile, Toxic Free Slime, to play with at home.

What you need to make Toxic Free Slime:    Toxic-free-slime

  • 1 cup of corn-starch.
  • 1 cup of water.
  • Food colouring e.g. green, red, blue, purple, pink.

What to do:

Mix the corn-starch and water together, preferably in a stainless steel bowl, until you make the perfect slimy mixture to play with. IF you find that you want a different consistency, you can add corn-starch or water as needed to until you are happy. Once you get the perfect consistency get creative and add the colouring!

Interested in making toxic free crafts at home? check out our blog on finger-paint for more inspiration!

Make Your Own Toxic Free Slime
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