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travelling with kidsTravelling to Brisbane or the Gold Coast with Kids: Top 6 Tips

Travelling with kids doesn’t have to be a challenging experience. In fact we get numerous calls from client’s requesting babysitting services for their family when they are preparing to travel to visit Brisbane and/or the Gold Coast for a much-needed family holiday.  After speaking with  our clients about how they successfully made it through their family holiday in one piece, we have come up with 6 tips that we have kindly shared for you below:

  1. Research where to stay. There are many family friendly hotels in Brisbane and the Gold Coast that cater for all budgets and family sizes. Work out when you want to travel.  Keep in mind that both locations can be very warm in the summer months so perhaps check out the cooler months of the year, hotels may have more budget friendly deals going and that frees up more money for treats!  Check out hotel booking sites and see if they have any specials.
  2. Whether you are travelling by plane or car, make sure you pack child friendly activities like sticker books, crayons and colouring in books to keep even the fussiest child occupied during travel.
  3. Pack additional healthy snacks and water.  If you have a baby make sure you check in with the airline at the airport to make sure you can reserve the bassinet and check what other facilities they have for families.
  4. Have a budget that you divide and allocate for each day you are on holiday.  Let’s be honest holidays are fun, memorable and all around wonderful, however they are expensive.  With a little planning you may minimise post-holiday blues when the credit card bill arrives…
  5. Depending on the age of the children, it is probably best to come to some agreement about what everyone wants to do and see while they are on holiday.   Come up with a list in advance and negotiate what is achievable and within budget.  For more information look out for our soon to be published blogs on the Top 5 things to do with kids when visiting Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
  6.  Last but not least…. With all the excitement in the air from being on holiday, you may find yourself needing some down-time. Should you want some down time without the kid’s, please contact us to book a babysitter. We can arrange one of our experienced babysitters come to your hotel for a morning, afternoon or evening.  Please see the link below to read more about our babysitting service.
Travelling to Brisbane or the Gold Coast with Kids: Top 6 Tips
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