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Welcome to Centenary Nannies and Babysitters new blog page. To be honest we had been sceptical about having a blog page as really what do we write in here and what do people want to listen to and hear us talk about. Laura and I would love to hear what you want us to talk about and what articles you would like to see so all ideas and suggestions are welcome.

I must let you in on a secret I even had to Google what a Blog was and how we write one!! I know Google is amazing and Blogs are even more amazing. Why you ask? Well my answer is quite simple with a blog there is no structure so no one can pick my writing skills to pieces!! This is such good news as I have so many friends who are teachers and would love to pick at all my work!

This was mostly just a welcome and to say hi and to get the blog off the ground so to speak.

I think my next entry will be how Centenary Nannies started and why I decided to start this.

Until next time

Kristy (and Laura)

Welcome Blog Post